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About Intrac, Inc.
Bringing tomorrows needs to your finger tips today!

The new Intrac, Inc. was established in 2010 when Intrac Wireless, Inc. of Las Vegas, NV merged with ComFix Computer Services, Inc., also of Las Vegas. With their products and services combined they are able to offer most companies a complete solution on one low monthly invoice.

Intrac Wireless, Inc. was formed in January of 2002 by Michael Mudano with the sole purpose of providing the greater Las Vegas area with an affordable and reliable paging solution. The infrastructure was built from the ground up by Intrac's team of radio engineers and had served customers very well all over the city.


ComFix Computer Services, Inc. was formed in 2000 by Adam Smith with a vision in mind: Offer professional Computer and Networking Repair for a fraction of the cost. Since that time, ComFix has added a few more offerings to their list of services to include Software Development..


During the summer of 2008, Mike and Adam met and plans were discussed to design a custom software package that could allow cutomers access to a web portal to configure their wireless accounts. This software also served as a connection gateway between the customer and the paging transmitters.


During the early summer of 2010, ComFix was asked by Intrac Wireless to merge companies under the tradename Intrac, Inc.

Exchange Hosting
Intrac is helping my small business with outsourced email hosting. The service is reliable and the support is better than any other vendor I have. Keep up the good work!
Roger P.
Las Vegas, NV
Remote Computer Support
You guys were awesome walking me through my computer! I'm glad to know I can rely on professionals when I need you the most.
Cindy R.
Henderson, NV
SMS Gateway
Your gateway is incredibly fast! I'm only seconds away from delivering my messages.
Gregg C.
Dallas, TX