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Welcome to Intrac, Inc.
Bringing tomorrows needs to your finger tips today!

We understand the best way to serve our customers. Intrac specializes in providing Local Wireless Paging, Website Development and Hosting, Remote Computer Support, Offsite Exchange Hosting, and a National SMS Gateway.

We understand the importance of running a successful business with smooth-flowing operations. Our sales and support team is 100% committed in helping you enhance your current business model. With our state-of-the-art products and services you can rest assured that our services will be there when you need them.
Our broad range of services helps you save time and money because you only need one vendor to stay in contact with. We also offer more than just products. We provide all our clients with personal service making you feel like you are more than just another account.
Maybe you have a development project you are working on that can utilize our services? We welcome all Developers to integrate our products and services into their applications. Purhaps you'd like us to design a custom application for you? We can do it all!
Exchange Hosting
Intrac is helping my small business with outsourced email hosting. The service is reliable and the support is better than any other service provider I had. Keep up the good work!
Roger P.
Las Vegas, NV
Remote Computer Support
You guys were awesome walking me through my computer! I'm glad to know I can rely on professionals when I need you the most.
Cindy R.
Henderson, NV
SMS Gateway
Your gateway is incredibly fast! I'm only seconds away from delivering my messages.
Gregg C.
Dallas, TX